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Rise of the Nazi Party, 4 DVD Boxed Set

Rise of the Nazi Party, 4 DVD Boxed Set


Rising unemployment, economic turmoil, attacks on immigrants, mainstream politicians who don’t listen to popular fears, voters turning to extremist parties… it’s the twenty-first century but it could be the 1930s. The election successes of the neo-Nazi parties in Europe reveal that voters are hungry again for populist politicians who express their anger towards failing governments; but do people really want an authoritarian, nationalist government in power? The Rise of the Nazi Party reveals how the National Socialists exploited the economic turmoil of their time, rose to power in Germany in 1933 and then led their nation into a nightmare of brutality, genocide and military defeat. This ten-part documentary series tells the true story of the rise of the Nazis through archive film footage, interviews and dramatic reconstructions and carries on the chilling story after the war to chart the current rise of the neo-Nazis. The Rise of the Nazi Party is a warning from the past that is only too relevant today.

1918-1923: Nazis Born Out of War • 1924-1929: Fight For Votes • 1930-1934: Poised For Power 1933-1938: Nazis Crush Opponents • 1938-1941: Hitler’s Battle With His Own Military • 1941: Hitler’s Biggest Blunder • 1942-1943: Nazi Final Solution • 1944: Nazis Outfought & The Plots & Gambles • 1945: Private Debauchery in the Bunker & The End • Denazification

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