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Black Ops Special Forces, 4 Dvd Pack

Black Ops Special Forces, 4 Dvd Pack


City under Siege: 26th November 2008. India’s largest city, Mumbai, was shaken by a series of unprecedented brutal terrorist attacks. Only India’s National Security Guard, nicknamed the Black Cats, could stop the chaos. Trained by Germany’s GSG9, the Delhi based Black Cats flew into Mumbai ready to bring the madness to a halt. However, there was little inside information to go on…
Operation Thunderbolt: 27th June 1976. terrorists hijacked Air France Flight 139 en route from Tel Aviv to Paris. On board are 246 passengers, most of them Jews. They are taken to Entebbe, Uganda and are held hostage in the airport terminal. Even though Uganda is thousands of miles away, across hostile territory, Israel’s defence minister, Shimon Peres decides to launch a rescue mission. It is a job for Sayeret Matkal, the most elite unit in the Israeli Defence Force. This is the inside story of the most remarkable special forces mission of them all.
Taking down Bin Laden: 1st May 2011: An elite force of US Navy SEALs board stealth Black Hawk helicopters bound for Abbottabad, Pakistan. In just over an hour, they will storm a fortified compound and attempt to capture or kill the most wanted man on earth: Osama Bin Laden. Operation Neptune Spear is the story of sophisticated intelligence, complicated decision making and painstaking specials ops planning that led to the killing of al Qaeda’s leader and the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks.
Operation Certain Death: August 25th, 2000. The Royal Irish Regiment, , is stationed deep in the jungles of Sierra Leone, west Africa. Whilst driving on patrol, the unit takes a wrong turn and are confronted by a notorious rebel gang; the ‘West Side Boys’ infamous for their wild and unpredictable behaviour, they are perpetually drunk or drugged. The ‘West Side Boys’ take the British soldiers hostage. On September the 10th, over fifteen days after the hostages’ initial capture, British Special Forces embark on a dangerous rescue mission. They have just one chance to free the hostages and bring them home safe.

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